I embarked upon a journey with a global Big Four firm

This picture was taken last week, however, today has been a very emotional day for me. In 2011, I embarked upon a journey with a global Big Four firm... the BEST in the game!

EY was more than a job; EY truly has become family and a major reason I am the woman I am today. I’ve had sooooo many great experiences - too many to share on this post, but most importantly, EY helped me recognize my worth.

After overcoming so much personally, life can tend to leave a few bruises on you, but when you are surrounded by loving people and you have an amazing support system, you can get back up and keep fighting! I am what we call a “boomerang” to the firm. I left for a few months when daddy Rip TL Lewis was sick and the travel was just too much for me. My mentors and leaders told me that they greatly respected my decision and I could return anytime. Well... they told the truth! A few months after daddy died, I went back, after a simple phone call.

As I type, I had to wipe a few tears because EY has become a part of my family and will always be just that. After much prayer and consulting with God, I’ve been released to embark upon the next chapter in my life, which allows me to be home, focusing on health, personal goals, family and ministry.

Today was not a goodbye but definitely a “see you later,” as I will always be connected to the firm that stole my heart in 2011. I’m looking forward to great things together, in some form in the future!

Never forget your journey and those that poured into you. I am because they are! #chapter36 #nowseason #notgoodbye #EY #BBWW

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